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Art Consultancy

An artwork doesn’t just provide your premise a finishing touch, it re-enforces the atmosphere of a room and communicates without saying a word. Therefore artworks have to be selected and collected carefully regarding where they are going to be placed in order to achieve the optimum effect. Art Supermarket, through the gallery and our curator's connections in the art scenes in Asia and the West, helps you whether you are a private, corporate customer, or an interior designer/architect to collect the right artworks and visual components reflecting your identity or your clients’ identity. Whatever artworks you are looking for to purchase, we select and collect works from around the world tailored to your needs, space and style. We help you with a free, personal consultation on site or we jointly develop a complete art concept for you. A first impression of the artworks within premises can give you the examples below.

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See your favorite Artwork in your Room

But we also produce for free a photo montage with your premise(s) and the selected artwork(s). You can email us the photo(s) of the room(s) where you would like to see the art, and we will digitally insert the selection of artwork(s) with the correct aspect ratio and then we will email you back. This gives you a rough idea how the artworks could look like locally.

For photo montage service, please send us your request by email and attach the photo(s) of your room(s) and the name of your selected artwork(s) at:


“A Love Letter for R” by Tao Stein
Oil on Canvas
150 x 150 cm

“Elle l’a reconnu immediatement”    / “She recognized him immediately”
Spray, Ink, Acrylic
120 x 80 cm

"Flatness, Wall 2, bottom left” by Tao Stein
Giclée on Canvas
133.8 x 141 cm each

“Dumped Garbage-Relax, No.27”
Oil on Canvas
135 x 110 cm