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1 Prince's Terrace
Mid-level, Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong


Femininity, Abelardo Hernandez & JM Robert

Femininity is not ­­about rules. Femininity is about being free. Free to be yourself, free to love, and be loved, free to not judge others, free to want the best for others, free to not expect others to conform to your rules, free to understand, free to lead and not follow, free to believe rather than doubt, free to be a force for good, free to care, free to love yourself, free to…

The exhibition Femininity is dedicated to true femininity. That this big issue is thematised by two male artists is indeed very unusual. Abelardo Hernandez and JM Robert are two very sensitive artists and in their stunning female portraits they have proofed, that they are able to visualize such an essential and sensible theme.



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