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Mid-level, Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong


What Lifts You by Kelsey Montague and Joyce Yung

Hong Kong art gallery Art Supermarket presents What Lifts You featuring new artworks by international artists Kelsey Montague (creator of the famous wings murals in the USA) and Joyce Yung. This collaborative Exhibition by the American and the Hong Kong artist explores the question What Lifts You? 

The collaborative artworks by Kelsey Montague and Joyce Yung encourage people in a joyful way to contemplate on one of the most important questions in life: What Lifts You? What inspires you to get up in the morning, or pursue the day? Kelsey and Joyce think it’s essential for us to have something to seek for. Dreams and goals that make us look at life from a positive perspective, looking forward to tomorrow, to what comes next. What Lifts You? There is no right or wrong answer! The art by Kelsey and Joyce offers viewers the total freedom, to find their very personal answer.

It’s Kelsey Montague and Joyce Yung’s first collaboration. Kelsey, an accomplished street artist and illustrator, created a series of 10 pieces for the exhibition at Art Supermarket that explored the question What Lifts You? Joyce, an accomplished photographer and film maker, worked with Kelsey to create a series of light painting pieces on the shores of Malibu, California that mirrors Kelsey’s mural work. Each piece, expertly captured, mirrors Kelsey’s What Lifts You work but in an entirely different medium – light.

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