Flatness, Tao Stein, Hong Kong/Canada

We most of the time have a narrow view on how we see things and our vision is rarely stretched to new dimensions. The Hong Kong-based Canadian artist Tao Stein presents new worlds for exploration. He creates sensations of fascination and mystery, while the whole purpose of the artist disappears, but is replaced with the freedom of the viewers to compose their own imagination. Can flatness be three-dimensional? (Tao actually already makes this happen.) Are the circles the outer space, or the images of our social interactions? Are they the beauty of …? Empower your vision, experience your emotion!

Tao’s creative process is unique. While many contemporary artists use commercial software packages or tools to create their work, Tao programs the computer directly. He begins with an idea, and creates it all the way from the bottom layer of geometry and abstract math formulas, through the implementation in code, up to the final painting. This intimate and detailed process is tied to the strong originality and sincerity of his work. Flatness, builds on work shown earlier this year in Beijing and Venice. Tao Stein received the PhD in Computer Science from Harvard and studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Visions & Sounds – The Pictures of the Show

Visions & Sounds features the new artwork series Flatness by Hong Kong-­based Canadian artist Tao Stein and music by renowned New York jazz trio Claude Diallo Situation. Visions & Sounds is a unique encounter between painting and music. Here are the emotions for those who have missed the Opening Reception at Art Supermarket on Sat, Dec 5, 2015.