Time and Injury, Su Zihan, China


Time and Injury is one of the new stunning oil painting series by one of China's rising stars, contemporary artist Su Zihan. This series is a new adventure by Su Zihan in exploring the complex relationship between time and injury, a theme, by which Chinese society is bewildered more than ever. Chinese people start to realize, that nothing last in a perfect way forever. There is no brave new world with endless growth, wealth and beauty. This series reflects Su’s new and sophisticated direction, in both the subject matter and the painting style, while his previous series Private Space and Occupational Lover followed a photo realistic execution. Su Zihan is one of the young and emerging Chinese painters of the so-called “80's Generation”. Su's paintings have been collected by private collectors in Europe, Asia and the USA and by museums and galleries including The Shangshang Art Museum (Beijing, China), The Royal Castle Museum (Tours, France), and VIP’s International Gallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands), among others.

Time & Injury - The pictures of the Show