We Could Start Over, Vivian Ho, Hong Kong

Renowned for nostalgically personifying the city of Hong Kong, Wong Kar-wai’s filmography has become synonymous with the complexities of local sentiments. Born and bred in Hong Kong, Vivian Ho has long held a particular affinity to the movie director’s body of works, with direct parallels to be discovered in her art. In fact, the exhibition title: We Could Start Over, is a famous line taken from Wong’s 1997 film Happy Together. Ho picks this line not for re-enacting the movie, but to re-project the surrealist aesthetics and erratic emotions of Wong’s movies onto the real world – to make the surreal real. Her vignettes ground the director’s lens of intense romanticism, vivid imagery and vague moods onto familiar everyday scenes of our city, allowing us to re-live Wong Kar-wai’s film scenes with a new interpretation.