Where Consumerism inevitably leads, He Hongpei, China


He Hongpei's works are consistently female-centric as the artist is primarily concerned with the emotional wellbeing of modern-day Chinese women and the difficulties they must face in coping with the competing forces of tradition and modernity. Her latest series of artworks, “Dumped Garbage-Relax” continues to explore the female psyche. The heads of these women appear to be made from paper and as they lean over, various objects tumble out from within. However, for the majority of individuals, this level of so-called perfection is simply unattainable, and the pursuit of it becomes nothing more than a cycle of consumption and short-lived satisfaction. Through this series, the artist appears to be encouraging women to empty their minds of rubbish that has been placed there by a beauty-obsessed society; to shed the contrived and unnecessary preoccupation with so-called physical perfection.

Where Consumerism inevitably leads
- The Pictures of the Show