Blow up, Hopare, France 


Hopare is a 24 years old Franco-Portuguese artist. With a mix of abstract and figurative, he dynamically highlights Italian futurist souvenirs of early twentieth century. Modernity, speed, movement, new human being, its relationship to city, simply a vital energy seems to animate the artworks of this young talented artist.

Colors Strips interlace to bring out forms and faces of their supports. Hopare travels and works with his characteristic “wheel” and allows us to follow his road impregnated with poetry and magic, in his colorful and organic universe that contrasts with the gray of streets where it takes place. 

His portraits are particularly moving with this particular technique for “silk ribbons” delimited with black “nylon” and a maximum of detail. The colors are vaporous and aerial. They submit themselves to the movement of the line and structure so important in graffiti. It is also this soft linearity that gives this particular stamp to Hopare’s work, a sensitivity to others that allows identifying ourselves to the timeless models represented.

His portraits on canvases allow also feeling a little bit more the precision and the tactile aspect of lines. We enter in a very intimate dialogue. The transparency of tones and the freshness adds emotions and resonance to the structure that invite us to travel to a far away universe, fragile and ferric.