Beyond, Coco Chow, China

Coco Chow is a young and emerging Chinese oil painter. She is eager, restless to find the meaning of life, the truth, love.  "All my paintings would like to communicate my expectations of life, and want to present the meaning of enlightenment through love. Love is not located in our brains. Love doesn't rely on tricky thoughts. If you can love without asking for return, or if you never care about what you have offered to somebody, then you will see yourself deeply into freedom. Without doubt, we clearly see freedom and unconditional love as our final destination. We feel bless, but only when we achieve this status."

Her inspirations come from traditional fold art and Thanka (a type of Tibetan painting depicting the Buddhism deity). She uses her paintbrush as a mechanism to relate her abstract thoughts and feelings onto canvas. Her paintings are not piled up randomly with content. The dreamy images created on the canvas resemble a magical cloud taken straight from a fairy tale.

Beyond– The Pictures of the Show