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1 Prince's Terrace
Mid-level, Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong

Fish ‘n’ Chips – A New Art Delicacy

Haute street art, (street art and pop art)

The damaged walls of buildings fascinate JM Robert. He always feels the thrill in front of deteriorated and degraded walls, this is his source of inspiration. On one hand he tries to develop his own aesthetic design of ruins, on the other hand his paintings want to speak a contemporary language that reflects the history and story of our cities.

Murals are the chosen field of Acet because of the opportunities space offers and graffiti is his universe. Acet remains curious and constantly innovative. He continues to import his personality onto canvas, explores new graphic techniques and never hesitates to test the boundary of street art. Acet is a member of Monegasque National Committee of the International Association of Plastic Arts at UNESCO.

Fish 'n' Chips – A New Art Delicacy by Szabotage, UK

Hong Kong art gallery Art Supermarket is pleased to present Fish ‘n’ Chips, a solo exhibition of selected works from British graffiti pop-artist Szabotage. The Fish ‘n’ Chips collection is inspired by the artist’s signature Koi fish character and casino chips, which both symbolizing good fortune and wealth in Eastern and Western cultures. “Fish ‘n’ Chips” expresses hyper-British visual themes and the artist’s love of Cockney-rhyming slang. Even the term “Fish ‘n’ Chips” is a British double entendre meaning “hip”– bridging “Cockney cool” to Hong Kong's contemporary scene. The lucky Koi fish and casino chips speak to the interplay between the artist’s primary locales of Hong Kong and Britain.

This exhibition also features his other series of his collection “I can”, which is painted on deconstructed metal spray cans. Szabotage has always been aware of the intrusion of signage in everyday life that limit people’s freedom and choice and also sees negative message as “can’t do” pervasive in Hong Kong. While painting “en plein air” is paramount in European creative culture, the same practice is restricted in Hong Kong and Macau. Szabotage repurposes this idea to comment upon the restricted use of public space for creatives in Hong Kong and Macau.

Szabotage is a Hong Kong based, award-winning street artist and interior designer. A former East London resident, show credits include a completely sold-out exhibition in London. Since the artist’s arrival in Asia three years ago, he has been inspired by Hong Kong's iconic style of urban architecture and emotive streetscapes. His work and subjects are often a mix of popular culture and vivid use of bold colors, exploring themes of personal freedom. Szabotage has painted for HK Walls Street Art Festival and was a finalist in the global phenomenon “Secret Walls”, where he became notorious for his old-school graffiti and onstage antics. Patrons include Jaeger LeCoultre, Deutsche Bank, Haymarket Media, The Ritz Carlton, among many other exciting brands and establishments. The artist currently holds a seat as a Senior Designer at Steve Leung, previously working at Yoo with Philippe Starck, Marcel Wonders and Kelly Hoppen.


2017 Fish ‘n’ Chips, Art Supermarket, Hong Kong

2016 G O N E _ FISHING! Loft 22, California Tower, LFK, Hong Kong


- Szabotage by Together, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

- M Space, by PRC magazine and Peter Boyle, Sheung Wan

2014 Shoreditch London, Hackney Rd Car Park


2016 Minor Chords, Brickhouse, Hong Kong


- Floor of Love, Sav Hotel, Hong Kong

- HK WALLS, Street art festival, Hong Kong

- Pang x Szabotage, Gallery 88, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

- Hong Kong Classic Car show, Macey and Sons

- Hong Kong Makes Sense, Hong Kong

- Illicit Leggit, Lott Five, Soho, Hong Kong

- Design Commune, by ARRAKIS Oggetti & Colourliving, PMQ, Hong Kong

2014 Secret Walls, Hong Kong

2010 SHHH Women's Erotic Emporium, Shoreditch, London